Welcome to Westhoughton!

Westhoughton is a town within Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council in Greater Manchester (traditional Lancashire). It has a population of around 30,000.

Westhoughton Local History Group has access to a mass of photographs and presentations about the history of our town. This web site has been created to share this treasure trove with you, the public, including those who have lived here all your lives, those who have moved here recently, those who were brought up here but are now further away and folks who simply want to research interesting information.

Welcome to Westhoughton! We hope you will enjoy browsing around.

Launch of new web site

10th June 2021 and Bolton has spent the last year largely locked down, meeting only virtually through Zoom and most people were getting bored. Not so, the hardworking committee of Westhoughton Local History Group, who have been beavering away to sort and organise interesting presentations and photos from our extensive archive. We didn’t want to hide our light under a bushel, so instead, we shone it onto a new web site, so that you, your friends and the public in general could see all those interesting details of Westhoughton’s history.

And here it is; you are looking at it now!

The formal launch takes place through a Zoom presentation (what else?) on the evening of 10th June and everyone is welcome to explore what we have found so far. This is a huge work in progress and much more will be added over the coming months. Please keep watching.